Friday, April 29, 2005

Stardate 59324.46 - Recent Activities

We recently took a day trip to Cold Spring, and had a great time! Very cool place! And pretty close to NYC.

We’ve also been to see a couple of plays recently.

  1. Doubt was not as good as the hype. I guess I'd give it a thumbs-sideways. Cheryl says thumbs down. And it was more than 90 minutes long with no intermission. I know movies are that long and you don't get a bathroom break, but there is something different about a play.
  2. Midnight and Magnolias was not so good. More lines were flubbed than I expected, and the acting was a bit over the top. Thumbs down. Cheryl says thumbs down as well.
  3. We also saw an interesting work in progress entitled MORBIDITY & MORTALITY This one was very interesting, and as a work in progress the actors still had their scripts and the venue was quite small and intimate. Very cool, but the ending may need a little work. Two thumbs up.
This weekend I think we will see the Interpreter and do a little hiking.

Excalibur out.

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