Saturday, March 03, 2007

Stardate 61169.34 - Playdate and Walk

Today Vlad and Inna came over with their son David for brunch. Cheryl made pancakes, fruit salad, sausages, and had a cake for dessert since David's birthday was yesterday. Loren was very sleepy after having woken up at 0530 Saturday morning, but managed to stay awake until they arrived and then had fun playing near David (since they are too young to really play with each other).

After brunch we decided to go for a walk, and we strolled by the building where we are buying the co-op. The co-op board package was submitted late this week, and we'll probably have a board interview this month. Closing is estimated for May 1. Our place will be on the 7th floor.

We then strolled up the east side walk beside the FDR, with the sun overhead, blue sky, a few clouds, and temperatures in the low 60s. We walked all the way up to Gracie Mansion because Inna had never been there before. Shortly after we started playing at the playground in Carl Schurz Park, the temperatures began to drop and the wind began to blow. Loren, who seems to be fighting a bit of a cold, started to shiver.

By the time we got home, temperatures had dropped 15 degrees and it was pretty darn cold with the wind chill. Vlad, Inna, and David drove home and we went back to the apartment where I had opened all the windows before we left to air out the place (it gets stuffy over the winter). It was pretty cold in the apartment when we got back and the wind had blown a few things onto the floor in the bedroom but closing all the windows warmed the place back up.

I took a short video of her on the swing in the park and I may post that tomorrow.


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