Monday, September 07, 2009

Stardate 63684.49 - First Day of Ballet

We were too late to sign up for the swim class we wanted for the fall, so we asked Loren what other things she might be interested in taking. And so we ended up with Ballet. Here she poses in her outfit that she proudly announced to the other two girls in the class (who were wearing the exact same outfit), "We got it on sale at Target!"

Loren did really well, both in listening to the teacher and in doing the 3 basic moves of which the first class consisted. She seems to be pretty excited about it, so I'm hoping she keeps up the same level of enthusiasm and effort. There is one girl in the class who is pretty disruptive and inattentive (and older!) and I hope she doesn't become a bad influence on Loren. I'm not too worried, however, as at least once during the class Loren shook her finger at the girl and chastised her for disobeying one of the class rules. Loren will probably grow up to be a Paladin (Edition 3.5, of course).


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