Thursday, April 08, 2010

Stardate 64268.09 - Easter Saturday

On Easter Saturday we got up early and drove to the beach house. From there we went over to Sea Bright for the Easter Parade and Egg Hunt. It was foggy and cool, which didn't exactly match our attire.

Our stroller took 3rd place in the stroller competition (competition was light). The parade part wasn't too bad (although the place was packed and losing sight of Loren multiple times in the crowd wasn't a great feeling). The egg hunt, however, was not fun. The horde of parents and kids swept across the beach with such ravenous greed that Loren and Kate and me and Cheryl (who were near the back, having never participated and didn't know where to prestage) got a grand total of 1 egg. That's right, Loren got a single egg out of supposedly 1,500 on the little kids' side of the beach. I saw kids with baskets overflowing, and poor Loren got a single egg.

Luckily, she was pretty excited about her one egg, and another little girl who had about 20 came up and gave Loren 8 of her eggs. So that was pretty darn nice and Loren got a few more eggs.


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