Monday, December 27, 2010

Stardate 64988.2 - Fun in the Snow

Once the sun came out and the wind died down a little we all ventured out. We made one aborted effort earlier in the day (photo immediately below) but it was cloudy, windy, and cold and the girls didn't last. I don't have snow pants or boots, but I do have my foul weather boots and pants for sailing, and with enough layers on under them (they are for summer use) they worked out pretty well.

Once we saw other people out sledding in the street we went back out and this time the girls had a blast on their new sled. Target was out of them on Sunday, but Cheryl saw a guy returning this one so she went and got it from the return desk on our way out.

Yeah, I'm not getting the car out anytime soon. Especially since I broke the damn shovel almost as soon as I started shoveling. I did the entire path from the car to the deck using Loren's small sand shovel, which I had luckily taken from the garage on Sunday in anticipation of Loren wanting to help shovel. Because I'm not getting to the garage anytime soon, either.

I'm a little worried about the weight on the gutters.

Later, while Kate napped, Loren played Nickelodeon Fit on the Wii.

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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Marg said...

Happy New Year, Curt. Your beach house is Currier & Ives perfect. Looks like you and the girls had great fun!