Friday, July 15, 2005

Stardate 59535.53: Naples Italy

It has been some time since I have written here, so I will put in several separate entries so that people can ignore the ones they don’t care about. You hear that, my 1-2 readers? Don’t just read the first article below. There are several new ones.

Recently spent 15 days in Europe on business: Germany, Belgium, and Italy. Now, I love Italy. Cheryl and I spent 2 weeks in the north on vacation with another couple and we all absolutely loved the country. The other couple even went back this year for another 2 weeks. But I have to say that Naples is not the north. Not even close. Naples is a pit. Awful. Hot, crowded, dirty, polluted, and miserable to try and get anywhere. We found a small area of pretty good restaurants, but it required a shuttle ride from the hotel and a taxi ride back.

I was do disappointed as I loved the north so much and I was so excited to be back in Italy with someone else footing the bill but Naples just plain sucked. I guess you can use Naples to launch off to other islands nearby that are nice, but I recommend no one spend any time in the city of Naples.

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