Sunday, May 20, 2007

Stardate 61382.69 - Daddy Day Sunday

While Cheryl was occupied elsewhere on Sunday, Loren got to spend all day with Daddy. In the morning we played with toys and had a small lunch of soup that Loren prepared. You can see some of the ingredients in the bowls in front of Pooh Bear, the doggie, Loren, and my place. We then went to the playground for 30 minutes or so, but Loren was getting tired and cranky so after returning home for a snack we headed back out so Loren could fall asleep in the stroller.

After a 90 minute nap, Loren and I played with toys and read books for almost 3 hours and then Loren was ready to watch some Dora episodes so I put Dora on and Loren is watching while I'm putting this entry up on the blog.


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