Sunday, August 03, 2008

Stardate 62589.75 - NJ Trip

After a rough week of multiple presentations for Cheryl (note to self, don't bring stuff home and try to work on it the day before the presentation when you've just installed the latest version of Microsoft Office which is nothing like the previous version and you are under a tremendous amount of pressure!), we decided to go to the beach for Saturday. We got out of the city early Saturday and due to the imminent threat of rain the traffic was light to the beach. We managed to get a good hour under our belts before the thunder and lightning appeared and we packed up and headed back in for lunch. We really knew it was time when the wind suddenly shifted and it was suddenly 10 degrees cooler than it had been.

Loren has come a long way from the times last summer when all she wanted to do was smash sand castles. Now she wants to decorate them (note the feather). After lunch I took a shower and when I came out it was dark and pouring rain with wind so strong the cars were shaking in the parking lot. After about 20 minutes, it cleared up and started to get hot and humid again. Here Loren poses in a new outfit Cheryl's Grandmother purchased for her. Loren loved it!

We then went over to Cheryl's parents' house for dinner and some time in the pool. Loren kept telling Cheryl, "I want to swim by myself! Mommy let go of me!" I guess it is time to get one of those flotation vests for her to use in the pool. She has the hang of what she is supposed to do with her legs and arms, and spent a good 30 minutes running Cheryl and Grandma ragged in the pool! The best quote of the evening, however, was in this exchange between Cheryl and Loren:

Cheryl - "We have to get out of the pool, it is almost time for dinner."
Loren - "I want pizza!"
Cheryl - "We're having chicken burgers, Grandma doesn't have pizza."
Loren - "Get it delivered!"

Yes, Loren is a child of the city.

We spent the night and Cheryl's parents watched Loren so we could go out to a movie. I'll try to post the review later this week (we saw The Dark Knight). After church on Sunday we came back into the city. A college associate of mine (Kim Walter) was in town with her husband and 2 children but they had split up so he and one child could watch the Yankees and she and the other child could explore New York City so we met them for lunch in between their tours of FAO Schwartz and the American Museum of Natural History. We told Loren if she was good we could get ice cream on the way home and of course she wanted the messiest cone possible.

On Friday we leave for Ohio for a wedding, so this week is a short one and we should have a bunch of photos and stories after that trip.


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Trailing Male said...

Dreading the adjustment to Office FUV (effed up version) myself. Emily has suffered through part of it in the last six months and I am not looking forward to it. She is a MS Certified Master Instructor in Office (versions 2000 - 2003 I think) and had trouble figuring out where Bill hid all the formatting and tools....