Monday, July 28, 2008

Pink glitter shoes

A recent email from my sister-in-law, letting me know that Target has black glitter shoes for fall, made me realize that Loren's summer shoe obsession has never made it into the blog. When she outgrew the black glitter flats, I picked up an inexpensive pair of pink princess glitter flats from Target. Loren immediately fell in love and has worn them for at least part of almost every day this summer. But we discourage them for outside play--which is what most of the recent blog pictures are of. So here for posterity are the pink princess shoes -- worn nearly to death by the time these pictures were taken at "Thanksgiving" last weekend (they're not very good pictures, which is why they didn't make the original cut for posting). You'll understand why I'm so grateful for R's offer to pick up replacement shoes at Target.

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