Friday, May 16, 2008

Loren's Stats

Because I am the most awesome wife in the world, Curt is off sailing in Rhode Island for a long weekend while I take care of Loren. He had the good sense to propose the trip shortly after arriving in California, while I was still feeling bad about him having to fly cross-country with Loren by himself (he says he only found out about it that day, but I wonder...)

I'm not really up for a vacation post tonight, especially since Day 5 was our hellish drive from Yosemite to Berkeley... so maybe I'll get to that later in the weekend.

Loren had her 2 1/2 year checkup this week. She is 36 inches tall and 30 pounds. This puts her right at the 65th percentile in both. Up to now she's been around 80th percentile in height -- I guess Curt's genes are starting to drag her down a bit. Having spent my entire childhood as the tallest girl (or even kid) in the class, I don't think it's such a bad thing if she turns out more medium-height.

Check out these slippers that Loren picked from the Zappos website when we had to order a new pair for school. I think she is becoming a shoe girl. Lately she insists on wearing her black glitter ballet flats with almost everything (see above)...they're getting pretty small and I'm hoping we can find a suitably blingy replacement soon.

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Trailing Male said...

Yeah. Right. "Sorry, but it's a sudden thing; you understand, right?"

I sense a sudden weekend spa in the Poconos - sorry, a sudden thing!