Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stardate 62395.71 - A Little Picnic

For dinner tonight (Saturday, May 24th) we decided to pack it up and have a little picnic on the roof deck. It was pasta all around, with salad for Cheryl and me, topped off by water (and milk for Loren). The wind was a little high and the tiny, plastic wine glasses tipped over a couple of times, but the 3 10-year -old hooligans who came up unsupervised and proceeded to climb to the top of a mechanical structure and kick roof tar down onto the deck were the greatest annoyance. Their ineffective parental unit, who showed up 5 minutes later, was a close second place on the annoyance scale.

We had a nice view, however, and mostly ignored them and they went away soon after regardless.


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