Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stardate 62387.55 - CA Day Seven

Saturday morning we went out with the gang for breakfast to Mel's Diner. Loren really enjoyed her bagel with cream cheese.

We then took a drive through the Presidio (future home of Starfleet Command) and took a stroll on the beach. Loren immediately wanted her sand toys, which of course we did not have with us.

Here I helped her to "fly" across the gaps in the wall.

Later in the day we went to the Walter Hass playground, which is located on top of a high hill. This location provides nice views but also incredibly strong winds. Cheryl said it was "the windiest playground on the face of the Earth!"

Late in the afternoon we went down to the Marina to sit on a boat owned by friends of Steve and Janice, as there were fireworks scheduled for around 9 PM. Loren was disappointed we didn't get to go sailing, but we did end up going out the next day in Santa Cruz.

Here Loren decides that she'll just go ahead and take us out.

And it wouldn't be a visit to a sailboat if Loren didn't get to work the wench handle.

The fireworks were quite nice, although we could only see the bottom half of them due to the fog and later the smoke from the fireworks. Afterwards we went back to John and Jeff's place for one last night in San Francisco. Loren seemed to like the fireworks, but I think the noise and everything also was a little unsettling for her.


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Trailing Male said...

Hmm... "wench handle"

That doesn't seem completely PC. Perhaps you meant "winch?"