Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sesame Place

We didn't have any specific plans for Memorial Day weekend, so when my friend Lisa asked if we would like to meet up with her, Chris and Lily (their 14-month-old) at Sesame Place on Sunday, we decided that would make a great day trip out of the city. What's kind of funny is that Loren has never watched Sesame Street or Elmo's World -- we taped a couple for her but she just didn't get into them. But she knows all the characters from various bath toys, placemats, etc. that she has received, and, as other Pampers users will know, from every diaper she has ever worn. So is the park an advertisement to get us to spend money on the products, or vice versa?

She loved the photo ops with the characters:

She was a little shy about approaching Big Bird, but she got over it.

I was amazed that she let Elmo give her a huge hug.

Loren also had a great time on the rides.

We met up with Chris, Lisa and Lily around lunchtime, and Loren and Lily played in the mat area for a bit. We also went to the Elmo's World live show and learned a little bit about fish (e.g., you can recognize a kingfish because it wears a crown). Loren sat through the whole show, but luckily this has not given her any inclination to want the TV show.

We will be going back sometime this summer, partly because Loren loved it, partly because we were expecting cooler weather so we didn't bring bathing suits for the water rides, but mainly because for the same price as a single-day ticket, you get a second day free.

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