Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stardate 62390.04 - CA Day Eight

Sunday morning (May 11th) we got up and drove to Santa Cruz to Janice and Steve's beach house. They were about to have the entire thing torn down and a new one built on the lot, so I helped pack items into a "POD" while Cheryl took Loren to the beach.

After lunch Cheryl took Loren for a walk and she fell asleep for her nap so Cheryl could also help out. We ran about 1.5 hours longer than Steve and Janice wanted to, but we did finally finish enough to enable a short sail in the afternoon.

Some seals were floating on their backs with their flippers in the air. It was a weird sight, but they were most assuredly alive...just floating around the bay.

Obligatory picture of Loren working the winch handle.

I'm not sure if the wind was really bothering her a lot or what, but Loren wanted to spend a lot of time below in the v-berth and also horsing around with the horseshoe PFD.

We finished up the sail and left for the airport within our time zone, but about 30 minutes later than we should have. We were pushing it to get the rental turned in, get checked in, get through security, and arrive at the gate in time for the flight. We got there about 15 minutes before boarding, which is perfect timing in Cheryl's book but about 30 minutes late in my book.

Regardless, we all managed to get some sleep on the red-eye and we arrived in NYC early Monday morning (around 0630). Cheryl stayed home from work and Loren stayed home from school. I managed to get some work done, but we were all pretty tired.

This was a visit-people trip as opposed to a relax-on-the-beach trip, but all-in-all, a very nice vacation! Thanks to Steve and Janice and also John and Jeff for the free lodging!


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