Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stardate 62364.28 - CA Day Two

After spending the night in Santa Cruz we spent the foggy, chilly morning taking it easy at the beach and then having lunch with Janice before she had to fly to Japan (Steve had to leave earlier in the morning so he could go to work, since it was Monday).

Next we headed next to Yosemite where we stayed at "a little apartment," as Loren called it. The decor Cheryl described as "Grandmother," meaning that the upholstery seemed like it came from someone's Grandmother's house--except that it was apparently pretty new.

So people are apparently still manufacturing and purchasing this style. The apartment had a loft with a bed and a bathroom, and downstairs was another full bath, open kitchen, and living room. There was a small balcony where we could grill and/or watch the partially-wild wildlife wonder through the complex.

On the way to Yosemite we passed through the artichoke capitol, the garlic capitol, and possibly the almond capitol (or maybe just the almond major city). Cheryl was really looking forward to eating at a Taqueria, but we were somewhat constrained by Loren's nap in the car (we didn't want to wake her up for lunch, but once she did wake up she was ready for lunch). So once Loren woke up, we stopped at a place with a big "Cold Drinks!" sign in the middle of an agricultural mecca. We should have suspected something when Loren's hot dog was pulled from a bag and placed into a microwave, and sure enough, our burrito and tamale were pulled from Costco-style bags out of the freezer and placed into the microwave. Oh, well. At least we got lunch.


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