Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stardate 62369.78 - CA Day Four

On our last full day in Yosemite we took the Mist Trail to a bridge below Vernal Fall. The hike up was pretty much hell. It was a 1.6 mile round trip, and we though that it would be alright for Loren. I think she got tired of the elevation gain, but she refused to go into the backpack carrier. So it was a long, hard slog up the trail with an unhappy Loren. She was in a much better mood once we arrived at our destination.

Luckily, she accepted a ride on my shoulders all the way down so we made much better time going down the mountain. And we needed to make better time, because I had my fourth and final interview scheduled for that day. Yes, after 12 years I am leaving the consulting firm I work for and moving to another consulting firm that is local here in NYC. I had a phone interview scheduled for mid-day, so I conducted my final interview over the phone while sitting in the car in Yosemite Valley. It looks like I'll be starting on June 2. No more telecommuting!

After the hellish hike, we decided we needed something more calming so we went to see some giant redwoods. Loren was fascinated by the "not allowed" sign, and tried to figure it out for a while. After I told her what all the symbols meant, she still stared at it for a while, whispering what I had just told her.

After that we were done for the day and went back to the "little apartment" for our last night in the park.



JamesF said...

Wow, big news about the job change.

Is the new company one I would have heard of?

Trailing Male said...

Reall?! I thought people couldn't shake the booz addiction! Any details you can reveal?

Neal, the Kept Man