Thursday, May 29, 2008

A few more pictures from the weekend

On Memorial Day, Curt stayed at home to pack up the last of the equipment and papers from the home office that had to be returned before his last day of work. Loren and I went to a picnic in Stuyvesant Town organized by Lisa and Chris (yes, the same ones we went to Sesame Place with). Here Loren helps me prepare brownies for the picnic...

...and shares her picnic set with Lily.

Later that evening, I pulled out the guitar that I have owned for years (since the Tod Street house, for those that can remember that far into the past) but have never actually learned to play...teaching myself out of a lesson book didn't get me very far. I've decided it is time to fix this situation and have signed up for the Guitar for Absolute Beginners class at the NYC Guitar School. I go for my first class, and a restringing tutorial, on Saturday.

Loren helped me tune the five remaining strings, and then showed off her musical talents.

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Jeff said...

I see glimpses of a kitchen behind Loren. Looks nice! The brownies look good too. :)