Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stardate 62385.94 - CA Day Six

Friday was a busy day in Berkeley. After breakfast at the hotel, we walked around for a while and found a playground where Loren could play. She enjoyed it so much, that I left her and Cheryl there while I went back to the room, packed up the luggage, loaded it into the car, and checked out. I then came back to the playground where Loren still did not want to leave.

Finally we went to meet Cheryl's previous boss (who is now back teaching at Berkeley) for lunch. Afterwards we drove up to Inspiration Point in Tilden Regional Park for a short hike, during which Loren took a little nap. Did I mention that the rental we had was a Prius? We went about 830 miles during the week and only put 11 gallons of gas into the car (we did return it empty as I purchased the gas option, but that is still some really good mileage).

Here Cheryl and her former boss, John, pose at the end of our hike.

Back at John's house Loren and her kitty wanted to play with John's cat.

We then drove into San Francisco to our friends John and Jeff's place, where we planned to spend Friday night. John had a photo show that evening so we went to take a look at his (and other's) photos on exhibit at Fort Mason. Here John poses with some of his photos.

Loren enjoyed the food, especially the strawberries. She even was using the cheese knife to put cheese on crackers and eating them. Unfortunately, she also licked the cheese knife at one point which led one exhibitor to have a conniption.

The sun was setting as we left the show to drive back to John/Jeff's place.


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Cheryl said...

Before any of our readers have a conniption, let me clarify that it was a cheese spreader and not really a knife. I may be a bad parent, but I do at least keep my child from handling actual knives.