Monday, July 14, 2008

Stardate 62535.26 - Sunday at the Museum

Curt here, logged into Cheryl's account. It is too late and I'm too tired to log her out and log me in. On Saturday Cheryl took Loren out to NJ to the beach and to visit with her parents, while I went to see a movie and enjoyed an evening sail in the Hudson. They spent the night, and then came back early Sunday. We decided to go to the American Museum of Natural History, which we've been to several times. We left around lunch, so we stopped at one of the vending carts to enjoy a quick snack, and Loren got ice cream. We just sat on the edge of the sidewalk and ate before entering the building. Loren loves her ice cream!

Afterward we went down to Macy's so I could buy a pair of cuff links (with a quick stop for pizza first). After telecommuting for 6 years and getting by on just a week's worth of dress shirts for the past 3-4, I finally purchased some additional dress shirts and I got two of them with french cuffs, just for fun. I also needed a few new undershirts so I got a 3-pack while we were there. By that time we were all hot and tired and we came on home to a nice, cool apartment.


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