Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stardate 62569.56 - Legally Blond, The Musical

Cheryl's sister-in-law, Jen, and her friend Ami came up to New York City for the weekend and stayed with us. On Saturday night we hired a sitter and went to see Legally Blond, The Musical on Broadway. The main star (Elle Woods) had very recently left, having been replaced by the winner of an MTV reality show (Bailey Hanks). She was so new, in fact, that in the program under "Starring" she was listed not by name but instead as "MTV REALITY SHOW WINNER" and her bio was inserted into it as a sheet of paper.

The show was entertaining and I was not, as I had feared, the only man in the audience. There were some very enthusiastic members of the auidence who we assumed had been following the MTV show and were fans of the winner. There were some minor issues with the sound--if the chorus was singing it was sometimes too loud to the point of not being able to understand them. Individually they were fine, spoken lines were fine, but it was difficult to understand the words in the larger numbers several times. Bailey also almost tripped going up a set piece with stairs very early in the show, but she didn't appear to be affected by the near fall.

Overall, two thumbs up. As Cheryl stated, "Don't go expecting great art, but hey, it's a broadway musical!" It did make us want to add the movie (which we've already seen) to our NetFlix list.


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Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, the character's name is Elle Woods and the originating actress was Laura Bell Bundy