Monday, December 01, 2008

Stardate 62917.64 - Thanksgiving, by Dad

Here are some photos my Dad (Granddad) took over Thanksgiving and e-mailed to me. Dad came down from Richmond for a few hours on Friday to visit with us. (My Mom posted pictures to Kodak Gallery and while you used to be able to download lower resolution versions from their site, they seem to have disabled that ability. I'll have to ask her to e-mail me a few of them and I can post some here.)

Here we are around the dining room table...

And here Loren and I walk with our walking sticks down to the creek.

And here Loren practices throwing things into the creek.


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JamesF said...

If I didn't know Cheryl was pregnant I would think she must have really enjoyed the Thanksgiving meal.

Looks like you guys had a nice relaxing time. I'm envious.