Friday, December 26, 2008

Stardate 62985.31 - Christmas 2008

This is a long one, so hang on to your hats! We've had some wild temperature swings here over the past couple of weeks. In the photo above Loren gets ready to brave the cold on one of out sub-freezing days. We had beautiful snow 1 day before Christmas, but it rained and hit the 40s on Christmas Eve so it was all gone by Christmas morning.

Below Loren plays with Cheryl's new Birthday present (an iPhone, if you cannot tell). Cheryl finally has found something to keep Loren entertained on bus rides home! Of course, I'll always remember the day we got the iPhone as the day I slipped down the steps in the subway and sprained my ankle. :-)

Christmas Eve we went to New Jersey for the traditional celebration. Loren got to open her stocking from Cheryl's parents while the TV played the Christmas fireplace scene from their fireplaces DVD.

Later, I read a story to the under-17 crowd (One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish).

After dinner it was time to open Christmas presents, which was pretty organized--no real chaos or mayhem.

"Bobby" poses with her daughters.

We got home pretty late and still had some set-up to do before Christmas morning. The kitchen in the picture below, for example, required over 140 screws. But for the first time in my adult life, we had Christmas Day at home--just us, with no travel and no visitors. We spent most of the day playing with Loren and all her new toys.

Loren also got some GeoTrax additions, but didn't want to connect them up to the large set (yet).

We stayed in PJs for a large portion of the day, although Loren had to try on her 2 princess outfits she received. Below I read a new book to her (and you can see that my ankle is still wrapped). Cheryl got me the cool holiday PJ bottoms!

Here is Loren's other princess dress, and she is alternating putting warm and cold water on the princess doll (it makes her clothes and hair highlights change color).

It was a nice Christmas and Loren seemed to really enjoy it. Today (Friday) Bobby, Steve, and Janice are in the city for a visit (they are off with Cheryl right now, as I am still not terribly mobile). They are going to swing by the cream puff place before they come up to the apartment since Friday is cream puff day!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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JC said...

Thanks for retelling the Chriss Family Christmas since we missed it this year. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time like usual. Hope you feel better and more mobile soon. We'll see you in January!