Sunday, March 01, 2009

Stardate 63162.56 - Visit to NJ

On the last day of February we drove out to NJ to do a clothing swap in the attic (Loren's 2-3T went into storage, her 3-6 months came out for Kate) and to visit with Cheryl's parents and grandmother. We have some furniture we need to get out there, but for that we've either got to rent another car or I have to go out there without Cheryl and the kids. There just isn't enough room in the Rav4 for 4 people and a coffee table. Once the kids start getting bigger it might be time for a bigger SUV (maybe a hybrid?) or the dreaded station wagon. Cheryl is anti-minivan (too suburban, and we'd never get it into our parking space in the building.

Did I mention that we found someone who is renting his parking space in our building to us? I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful it is to be able to take our time putting stuff into the car and taking stuff out of the car. I always felt rushed in the other garages, feeling like we had to get the car moving as quickly as possible to get out of the way of other cars going in/out of the garage. And, he is charging us $50 per month less than we were paying at the other garage!

Anyway, here are some Kate pictures from Saturday. We realize we need to get some more of Loren up onto the blog - it has been the Kate show for the past several posts.


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