Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Stardate 63436.35 - Beach House!

What a crazy few weeks! As we mentioned, our counter-offer on the studio next door was turned down so that was the end of our wild idea to combine apartments into a bigger space. Instead, we decided to rent a place on the Jersey Shore to spend weekends on the beach. We've got the place for a year, to decide if we like the area and the weekend commute and if so we may purchase a weekend place out there. Even in the winter we're likely to spend weekends there as it is better to be cooped up in a 3-bedroom, multi-floor, 2 bath house than in our apartment in the city!

Oh, yes, I also had a pretty big birthday at the end of May when I turned 40. We spent it carrying loads of stuff to Cheryl's parents' place to pre-stage it for the beach house. Loren helped Grandma make me a peanut butter pie - yummy!!

Then this past Friday we finally got the keys to the beach house. Here Loren poses in front of the place, which has great roses and landscaping.

It does have a small yard on the side and in the back that I had to mow on Sunday. Loren helped with her mower.

We spent most of Friday and Saturday moving things into the house and visiting garage sales close by in NJ to furnish the place. Sunday we finally got to take a break and spend some time on the beach, which is just a 2-minute walk from the house.

We got out early on Sunday so there were not many people there yet.

We ended up staying until Monday morning. I got up early and drove the car back home (and I still made it to work early), and Cheryl took the girls for a ride on the ferry back (so they wouldn't have to be up at 0500). Now just a few short days in the city before we head back out there. We're having a problem with the high-speed Internet DSL from Verizon so they are sending a tech over Friday to take a look, so I'm going back down Thursday night and the girls and Cheryl will come down on the ferry after work on Friday.



Tapestry said...

Lovely place - this is certainly a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of your daily commute on the "4,5". Enjoy!

SMY said...

Looks lovely, can't wait to visit! : )