Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stardate 63476.32 - NoVA Trip

First, I want to point out that this post is number 1,000. That is correct - we've posted one thousand times to this blog. I posted almost every day for some time, although with the time constraints we have these days with work and kids we're lucky if we post every 2 weeks.

Second, we went to Northern Virginia (NoVA) this past weekend to attend the 1-year birthday party of Caelan, the son of one of Cheryl's roommates in college. I won't dwell on the pain of the drive and Kate's two modes (sleeping or screaming), but we did get to visit with some friends and family while we were there. Since we lived in NoVA for many years before we moved to NYC, it is just impossible to visit with everyone over a three-day trip. Next time we'll stay with Cheryl's brother Andy and his wife Jen and make them throw a big party for us so we can invite everyone we know and no-one will be left out!

We drove down on Friday and went over to Brian and Allison's place to meet their son. They hosted a pizza party and Trent and Jenny came over with their boys. It was a lot of fun chaos.

On Saturday we went to visit Lucy and Mike in Warrenton and spend time in their pool. While it hasn't topped 80 in NYC in some time, it was 90 in Virginia when we were there.

The hat was borrowed, and there have already been sufficient comments on Facebook regarding my farmer's tan.

The birthday party was Saturday afternoon, and apparently we forgot to get the camera out because we have no pictures of it.

Sunday (Father's Day) we ate breakfast in the hotel and then went to meet Monique and Justin for lunch, since with the craziness of the party we didn't get a chance to speak with them too much.

But first, we stopped at a park near their home to wear Loren out before getting back into the car for the long ride home.

Kate enjoyed her first time in a swing and it seemed to work as Loren for the most part was very, very good for the drive home. Kate, on the other hand, was a different story and I don't think we will be traveling long distances with her again until she is a bit older.

This weekend my Dad is coming up for a visit so we'll try to get more pictures up a week from now.


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