Saturday, July 04, 2009

Photos from the beach

In the absence of our camera, here are some not-so-great photos from my iPhone to keep you up to date on our last couple of weekends. Last weekend Curt's dad and his girlfriend came for a visit. Loren enjoyed the dinosaur at Veterans Park in Highlands while we killed time waiting for a table at Inlet Cafe.

Grandpop, Grandma and Loren

Valerie and Kate

You know these two

Granddad and Kate

Loren on the bay while we waited for the check

The next morning Loren was up incredibly early for some reason. To get her out of the house I took her for a hike on the new Bayshore Trail. Here she explores the "deserted beach".

This weekend our friends Chris and Lisa came to visit with their daughter Lily. Here Loren and Lily hang out on the back porch.

This morning we went to the Highlands Farmers Market and the girls got cookies at Waterwitch Coffee and Tea.

Then we had a gorgeous afternoon on the beach in Sea Bright.

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