Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stardate 63532.3 - Beach Vacation

Things have been so busy on vacation that we haven't even had a chance to post anything! So here are some pictures of the beach house we're renting and where we've been spending the past week.

Here Loren eats breakfast in the dining room (thanks to Aunt Marie for the sturdy chairs!).

Here is the living room with the famous (and large) green couch (thanks to my father-in-law Bill for helping me move it to the beach house).

Here is the small back yard by the driveway and part of the patio out back.

Here is the side yard.

Here Loren is playing hopscotch in the driveway. The house has off-street parking for 3, which is nice because we've heard that in the summer the streets get packed with cars and people have trouble parking by their homes (although we haven't really seen that yet).

Here is Kate enjoying a lunch of prunes.

Loren exiting the kitchen.

We have a lot of pictures we've taken, but I'm trying to quickly get something up on the blog this morning before the girls wake up, so I'll save them for subsequent posts.

Highlands, NJ

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