Friday, November 27, 2009

Stardate 63905.03 - Nana and Kracker Visit

The weekend before Thanksgiving Nana and Kracker came up to the beach house for a visit with the girls.

Saturday night they watched the girls and Cheryl and I went for an early dinner at Bay Ave Trattoria. It was fantastic!! Must go back some time. The appetizers were especially distinctive and tasty. Being NJ it is a BYOB establishment, however a licquor store is just across the street by the gas station, and I was able to quickly procure a bottle of wine for the meal. Special thanks for the babysitting, Nana and Kracker!!!

On Sunday after they left we had to rake up some leaves in the side yard and so Loren got to jump into her first leaf pile.

On Sunday Loren had a play date with a boy who also lives in the city and has a place here at the beach. Here she is waiting for him to arrive.

We had a great visit and Nana and Kracker didn't hit too much traffic. We'll be seeing them again at Christmas.

Highlands, NJ

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