Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stardate 63873.64 - Loren's Birthday

Loren's Birthday has been in continuous operation since last weekend. Last weekend (on the 8th) we got her a bike - her big birthday present from us.

For someone who really hadn't ridden very much before, she really got the hang of it pretty quickly.

On her actual birthday we had a little family party at home, and Loren opened all the presents that had arrived.

From the Arkansas Chriss Clan she got Thumbalina.

We got her a school set she has seen at Nana and Kraker's place for a couple of years.

Cheryl picked up cream puffs on the way home and we had those instead of cake.

Saturday night we had a little dinner party with Cheryl's parents and Grandmother at the beach house. Cheryl's Grandmother baked a cheesecake for Loren's birthday, and brought a Cars candle (one of Loren's favorite movies).

Sunday we came back early from NJ to get set up for a little party for Loren in the city. In order to keep the cost and chaos down, we told her she could invite 5 friends from school (and she already had a school party on Friday with all her classmates). Loren picked out the theme - Strawberry Shortcake.

Kate enjoyed strawberries as well, but was a bit startled when the doorbell rang.

Loren also picked out potato sack racing as a game she wanted to play at the party. The kids enjoyed it a lot more than I thought they would.

Late lunch / early dinner was pizza for everyone.

Followed by cupcakes, with the kids decorating their own. It was a lot less messy than I anticipated.

After the party I went downstairs to pick up two packages and it was two more birthday presents for Loren!! Another one from Nanna and Kraker and one from Aunt Lucy and Uncle Mike!

And now, I think Loren's birthday is officially done! Whew!!


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