Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stardate 63825.34 - Halloween Parties

Last weekend we had two Halloween parties to attend. The first was at the YMCA where Loren has taken a swim class and a ballet class. Her ballet teacher was the organizer of the event. We snapped one picture of Kate in her costume before we were chastised for taking pictures. Apparently it was a "no camera" event. I guess they didn't want people taking pictures of other people's kids, but this meant we ended up with no pictures of Loren as a pirate.

On Sunday we went down to Long Branch to walk along the boardwalk and eat at Windmill. Windmill holds a special place in my heart as it is where I ate two huge chili cheese dogs for lunch on the day of our wedding. People say you are too nervous to eat, but I was hungry! After lunch, we walked along the beach and Loren even found a playground set on the beach to explore.

I like the juxtaposition of little Loren against the enormity of the ocean.

Loren, unprompted, wrote her name in the sand. She has really been working on writing her name, although it is usually more clear on paper than in the sand.

The second Halloween party was at the Yacht Club, where Kate went in the famous strawberry costume and Loren switched to Cinderella. They really went all out at the club, with lots of decorations, a fog machine, and of course the bar was in service for the adults.

I think this cat is saying, "Mine!! Mine!! This candy is all mine!!!" I may have to post this to LOL Cats.

Here Loren plays the Halloween version of Twister with some older girls.

We had a nice time although something I ate over the weekend really did not agree with me and I was not well at all Monday and Tuesday. I suffered through work on Monday but worked from home Tuesday. By Wednesday I was better and went back to work but I've still had headaches and am not at 100%. Also, Kate ended up with a fever Monday night and stayed home Tuesday through Thursday, although she seems well enough to return to school today. In general, it has been a crappy week for everyone but here's hoping the weekend marks a turn-around!!


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