Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Stardate 63763.70 - Sailing to Staten Island

The Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club (of which we are members) held a cruise up to Great Kills Harbor, Staten Island from the club's headquarters in Atlantic Highlands, NJ a few weekends ago. We (unfortunately!) do not currently own a boat, but Cheryl decided to be New York pushy and sent an e-mail out to the cruise director to see if anyone would be brave enough to take the two of us and Loren and Kate with them. Joe and Patti of Ocean Cowgirl were kind enough to invite us aboard their Catalina 34 for the overnight trip, and we gratefully accepted.

We had no wind on Saturday so we motored the entire way there. After drinks and dinner ashore, we returned to the boat for the evening. The next morning was calm and gorgeous. The girls even slept in a bit.

We then went to the Staten Island Zoo as a group. The Zoo was pretty small, but it had an excellent petting area (which is where Loren spent most of the time).

We returned to the boat and winds were favorable for our return sail.

Loren cannot resist being in charge, and here "Captain" Loren briefly takes the wheel.

Our hosts were fantastic, and we had a wonderful time. Here Joe sails us back.

This is the type of sailing I enjoy - a day sail or weekend get-away. The AHYC has tremendous opportunities of this type, and in fact I have canceled my Manhattan Sailing Club membership in order to focus on the Atlantic Highland Yacht Club.


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