Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stardate 63796.84 - Will the Newspaper Still be Delivered?

We knew that there was a coastal flood advisory in effect, and we did have some street flooding on Saturday, but we got up Sunday and once high tide hit the street in front of our house (and sidewalk) were awash.

Here is a shot looking down the street towards the sea wall and Sandy Hook Bay:

Here is a shot looking up the street towards higher ground (so we were not as trapped as the first two photos may have led you to believe).

Another one looking towards the wall, zoomed in a bit:

And looking across the street at our neighbor's house.

It all cleared out after an hour or so, and it never came up further into our driveway or ever reached the lawn. We think we're on a bit of a rise so our beach house stayed flood-free. We could see how someone could freak, however, if they were not expecting this situation.


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