Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stardate 63773.75 - Megan and Pov's Wedding

Back on September 26th my cousin Megan got married at Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia. Because of the horrible experience with Kate on long car trips back in June, and because I had some air miles on USAirways that were about to expire, we flew from LGA to Pittsburgh and then rented a Toyota Sienna minivan and drove to the park (around 3 hours). Not sure if it is because Kate is older, or was over tired, or because Cheryl could sit comfortably between the girls in the back, but Kate did much, much better on this trip. Still not sure I'd want to do a 8+ hour trip with her, so we may have to do a combination airplane/drive at Christmas time to get down to Virginia...but we'll see.

The wedding was at the lodge inside the park, so we had great views from a short stroll behind the facilities.

Later we took a short stroll down a paved path to get a glimpse of the actual falls. Because it was Fall, the water level was pretty low.

Afterward, Loren and Cheryl (Kate was asleep in the van) walked down a few hundred steps to the observation platform closer to the falls. Loren did a great job walking all the way down and back!

Here is a view of the rehearsal Friday evening. Unfortunately, it rained all day Saturday and the wedding had to be held indoors.

Saturday morning we killed time before the wedding by driving over to the town of Davis for a little race and festival that was going on there.

It started raining while we are at the festival and then rained pretty much the rest of the day. The mother-of-the-bride was really trying to hold off as long as possible to see if it could be held outdoors, but when the harpist showed up she flatly refused to take the harp out in the damp rain and so the decision was finalized to hold it indoors.

Here Aunt Ginger holds Kate at our table.

The bride and her parents come down the aisle.

Kate shows off her rocker side.

I pose with the bride and Kate.

The sister of the bride takes a turn holding Kate.

And Nanna holds Kate while Kracker looks on from the background.

Sunday we had breakfast early and then drove back to Pittsburgh and flew home. The travel was uneventful, and I have to say if we ever decide to buy a minivan the Toyota Sienna was very spacious and comfortable.

The bride and groom are now off for a honeymoon in Thailand!


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