Saturday, January 02, 2010

Stardate 64003.88 - Snowy Weekend

I know the big storm has long come and gone, but with the holidays we're a bit behind posting to the blog. Cheryl is out with Loren and Kate to exchange a Christmas Present (duplicate book) and to get shoes for Kate. Kate is about to transition to the "1's room" at daycare and has to have actual shoes for outside play (as long as it is above freezing and not raining they go out for a bit each day). So I have 60-90 minutes to try to get a few posts up. In addition to the big snow, on the weekend of December 19th we celebrated Christmas at the beach house (Santa came early!) since we'd be traveling on Christmas-actual.

All was calm on Saturday, before the big snow. In fact, they didn't postpone Loren's ballet recital until pretty late in the day as the heavy snow didn't really start until almost 6 PM.

By mid-day we only had a light dusting of snow. That didn't keep Loren from wanting to go out and play in it, however!

The girls were pretty excited on Christmas Eve.

That night, Santa came early since we were going to be away on Christmas Day. Here is the tree after Santa put all the presents under it.

The girls were pretty excited to open their gifts on "Christmas"!

Then, of course, there was the snow to deal with outside. Over a foot fell, and there was a good 2 feet that had drifted into the driveway. I had pulled the car all the way to the back door (which is normally how we enter/exit the house) and that meant I had a lot of driveway to shovel. It took me a few hours.

Here you can see the depth of the snow.

Someone (I think Loren) said our car looked like a cake.

Loren played outside with Cheryl while Kate napped and I shoveled.

We actually had a few rose blooms on the rose bushes when the snow fell.

Without a sled, Loren used her boogie board as a stand-in.

We left Sunday night and returned to the city for 1 day of work/school, and then headed to Virginia for the rest of Christmas week. Those photos will follow soon!!

Highlands, NJ

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