Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stardate 64084.5 - Ballet Recital

On Sunday, December 27th, we drove all the way back to NJ from Verona, VA in order to make it in time for Loren's Ballet Recital (which had been postponed from the great snowy Saturday). We got back in time to stop for a quick lunch and to swing by the beach house to drop off the Virginia presents. Then we hustled over to the YMCA in Redbank for the recital. Cheryl's parents just made it as they were driving up from Arlington, VA where they had been visiting Andy and Jen. Cheryl's Grandmother was there before we even arrived.

Here the instructor, Miss Hannah, poses with Loren after the recital.

And I pose with the girls before we leave.

Loren did very well! Unfortunately, the next level class is not taught on the weekend so it looks like we won't be doing ballet any more this winter. We'll have to see what Loren wants to learn next.


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