Sunday, July 04, 2010

Stardate 64505.96 - New Beach House

After a year of renting a place on the shore in Highlands, NJ, Cheryl and I decided to buy a small place one town over in Atlantic Highlands. We used the rental almost every single weekend. It was a nice break to get out of the city and have access to the shore and to Cheryl's family. With housing prices and interest rates low, we decided the grand experiment was a success and purchased a house. It is a 2-bedroom, 1.5 bath single-family home with a detached garage and a basement. Although built in 1926, it has significant upgrades. Here is the kitchen:

Part of the dining room and the front door:

The dining area, the basement door, and the entrance to the kitchen:

Loren sits in the living room, making sure that the cable works:

Here is the big back yard and the detached garage. This was taken from the small deck on the side of the house.

Back of the house:

And the front of the house:

Here we try out the back yard and a slide Cheryl got at the big town yard sale.

The neighbors are all great, and Loren already has a playmate across the street and they get together at least once every single weekend. We can no longer walk to the beach, but we can walk to the marina with our yacht club where I sail. And the beach is a short 5 minute drive away for the bay beach or 10 minutes for the ocean beach. In short, we love it!

And Su Ming and Kathy came by for a visit shortly after we closed and moved into the house. Cheryl went with them and the kids to a restaurant in the marina (I was off doing something--I just cannot remember!).

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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Joan said...

Congratulations on your home away from home.