Thursday, July 08, 2010

Stardate Unknown - x90 Service

I purchased a 40 trip pass before the service even started, I so much wanted to believe in this replacement to the MTA x90 service. For the past 2 weeks, however, the one word I would use to describe this service is "unreliable". Today, July 8, I arrived at the 67th street stop at 0736 for the 0744 bus. It never came. I have now been standing in the heat for almost 45 min while the next bus is also not here on time.

I gave these guys th old college try, but if they cannot get their act together in 2 weeks they are doomed. Unless things improve dramatically - and I mean DRAMATICALLY - this month, I will no longer be using their services. I am very sad about this, but I am now missing a meeting at work because of their crappy and unreliable service. And that is unacceptable. If you are providing transportation for people to get to work you CANNOT be unreliable. Which in a word, is what this replacement x90 service is. Unreliable.

New York, NY

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