Friday, August 06, 2010

Stardate 64596.41 - Thanksgiving in July

We had our annual Thanksgiving in July event this summer the last weekend of July at my Uncle Herb and Aunt Randi's place in Connecticut. As usual, there was a lot of interest in the pool.

He had recently had a massive tree come down in his back yard, hence the straw and grass seed.

Loren put on a vest so that she could go into the deep end and had a great time swimming and swimming around and keeping up with the bigger kids, like her cousin Zach.

Kate enjoyed the same red and yellow car that Loren enjoyed 3 years ago (the last time the event was in Connecticut).

Kate demonstrated her love of all things sweet and messy.

The cousins all enjoyed the play house (I have never asked why one wall is missing).

Herb and Randi's Great Dane kept a watchful eye on everyone.

When we were trying to pack up Sunday morning to return to NYC Kate just couldn't keep out of the pool.

A great big "Thank You!" to Herb and Randi for hosting it this year. I hear next year is Ginger's turn since she couldn't make it this year. :-)


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