Saturday, August 07, 2010

Stardate 64599.69 - Blue Water Regatta

Today I raced as crew on Tony's boat Saga in the cruising division of the Blue Water Regatta for the Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club. I remembered to bring the camera, but Cheryl had recently adjusted the resolution to take a bunch of pictures of Loren's artwork before most of it went into the recycling so all the pictures I took today are at the camera's lowest resolution.

Here are some of the boats lined up in the mooring field.

We are on the launch, dropping off racers at their various boats.

Here is Saga, a Pearson 303.

Here is the boat owner and skipper, Tony, at the helm during the race.

We finished 5th out of 8 boats in the cruising division. That is one place better than our last race 2 weekends ago. Here is a final shot of Saga on her mooring ball after the race.

Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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Marg said...

Moving up a notch every time you race is sweet!