Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stardate 62102.88 - Where's the Boat?

Cheryl voted in the New York primary on Tuesday, since she is a member of an official political party. As a registered independent, I cannot vote in the New York primary as you must be a member of the political party in whose primary you wish to vote. I was out of town on Tuesday and was unable to watch Loren at home, for example, while Cheryl went to vote so she had to handle Loren in the morning, get her ready for school, and get out the door with her early enough to vote. In order to get Loren out of the apartment early enough, Cheryl bribed Loren by promising that she could get a muffin after "Mommy went to vote".

Cheryl voted first, but after they stopped for muffins Loren said "Next we're going to the boat."

Guess she didn't quite understand what "vote" means and was wondering why they hadn't gone to the boat yet!



cheryl said...

I prefer to think of it as an incentive rather than a bribe : )

Trailing Male said...

It appears Emily and I won't be able to vote in the VA primary. When we requested and received our absentee ballots last fall for the November election, we were assured that we were now on a list that would ensure that we received absentee ballots automatically, with no further requests needed. When primary day was getting uncomfortably close, I called the registrar's office only to find out that this didn't apply to the primary, even though that was specifically mentioned as one of the elections in prior conversation. We tried, but since the ballots haven't arrived yet, they can't go out before next Tuesday (thanks to limited outgoing mail from MX to US)... which would be primary day. Grrr. We tried to be good citizens, honest!