Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stardate 62126.84 - Finally!!

Finally, the High Definition DVD format war is over and I can make a purchase. Goodbye, HD DVD. Hello, Blu-ray!



JamesF said...

I thought HD DVD was done back when Warner Bros announced they wouldn't support it. That was pretty much the death knell I thought. And then Netflix chimed in last week too. It is nice to see a standard being settled on though. Maybe I'll got watch a movie on Betamax to celebrate.

JamesF said...

Another article on the situation. Time to go buy a Blu-ray player. I wonder if I can convince Ginger it would make more sense to get a PS3 since it has built in Blu-ray support? I was never thrilled with the PS2's DVD support though, and if menu navigation on the PS3 isn't any better than it was on the PS2 then maybe I need a stand alone player.