Friday, November 07, 2008

Stardate 62850.60 - Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been crazy these past couple of weeks. I was very busy with preparations for the General Election and then I worked a 20-hour day on Tuesday. I'm finally getting a chance to catch my breath and realized that we haven't posted anything in over a week, including the photos from our trip to Arkansas (the photo above is one from that trip).

I'm quite happy that Palin...I mean McCain...lost the election. It made the long, long day bearable. I won't get into a long political rant or anything, but I think this country has been on the wrong path for a while and it really is time for a change. And McCain can claim to be a maverick all he wants, but by picking Palin as his running mate the Republicans have proven once again that they pander, pander, pander to the religious right. If only they would focus on fiscal conservatism and leave the social issues alone they'd be a party I might like. Back in April I wrote about political parties and my beliefs, so I won't repeat them here. Regardless, I was pleased with the outcome.

Now I have to get Loren ready for school and me ready for work. TGIF. We'll try to get the Arkansas pictures up on Sunday.


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Trailing Male said...

Yep, pretty pleased myself. For once, Emily and I felt that our votes actually counted, since VA went from Red to Blue, as did Manassas, which came as quite a shock. Mark Warner won, as widely predicted, stomping Mr. "No Car Tax" Gilmore (the most idiotic campaign that ever won a governorship).

I was also pleased that Elizabeth Dole lost, although I used to really like her! Her campaign was squarely out of Rove's playbook.
A congressman from NC (Robin Hayes) also lost after making a ridiculous anti-liberal rant.

Unfortunately another Republican congressman, Minnesota Erik Paulsen, won his race, despite having altered (darkened) the skin of his Indian-American opponent in ads. I really wanted to see a 30 year old Iraq War vet in Congress. Maybe in two years, Ashwin Madia.