Saturday, November 08, 2008

Stardate 62854.65 - Arkansas

A couple of weekends ago we took a trip to Arkansas to visit Cheryl's brother Steve, his wife Rachel, and their two children Ethan and Ellie. They have been in Arkansas for more than a year, and we've been saying we needed to get down there for a visit so we finally put a trip on the calendar. We flew out on Friday the 17th and back on Monday the 20th. On Saturday, we went to a wild animal safari and Loren got to see her favorite again - Zebras!

We were a little concerned about the donkeys that seemed to be in or right next door to the tiger cages, but then we saw the following sign:

The animals didn't seem too "wild" and frequently came right up to the cars or pretty much ignored us.

This one ostrich, however, came right up to the car and began pecking at the glass. He (or she) did this for a good 2 minutes before I gently moved the car forward. The ostrich did continue to follow us for another 30 seconds or so before moving away off of the road.

After the ride through the park, which turned out to be longer than we expected, the kids were hungry and thirsty and ready for a snack.

We then entered the petting portion of the facility, where we were immediately beset upon by hungry goats.

Loren did help feed them.

Then we found the ceramic gorilla for the kids to climb on and pose for pictures.

On Sunday we went to Drake Field to see the planes and the big hit was a helicopter that the kids could get inside of and play. They had a blast pretending to drive.

We also had a lot of fun just hanging out and watching the kids play in the back yard. Loren's favorite toys were the Geotrack trains, although I think the gas pump for the little red car is a close second.

We flew back on Monday with minimal delays on both ends, although there were some slight delays.

It was a great trip overall, and Loren's favorite place we ate at during the trip was Mad Pizza, which she still talked about for a couple of days after we got home.


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Trailing Male said...

I recall going to King's Dominion back when it was Lion Country Safari and the Rebel Yell coaster was still under construction, maybe when I was about six. Visitors drove their own vehicle through the park and you could see various wild animals, some up close. A lioness walked up to our truck, put her paws on the door and looked in the window at me. I bravely cowered on the floorboard. That was cool, but the Scooby Doo coaster broke down while we were waiting in line and it was many years before I made it back.