Sunday, November 09, 2008

Stardate 62856.16 - Loren's Third Halloween

For Halloween we bought Loren a new doctor costume and pirate costume and let her choose which she wanted to wear. When we were in Arkansas we also picked up a Halloween shirt for her to wear to school on Halloween during the day, before the "fall festival" began. She decided to take the pirate costume with her for the festival.

After school, Cheryl took Loren down to Peter Cooper Village to where our friends Chris and Lisa and their daughter were participating in their local Halloween event outside.

Once back home, Loren decided she wanted to be a cat for trick-or-treating in our building (Cheryl ran into the Super and mentioned to him about not being able to trick-or-treat in the building and he told her our building does do trick-or-treating and that there was a sign-up sheet). Loren remembered her cat costume from last year and when Cheryl pulled it out of the drawer we found that it still fit (barely!).

People signed up if they wanted to hand out candy, although many people just ended up placing it on tables in the hallways with a sign saying "Help Yourself!". Loren was very good at taking only 1 piece, and in fact for our second stop she put her first piece into their collection before taking a new one. We told her that she could actually keep one piece per stop!

Then we went back so we could start handing out candy at 7 PM (we signed up to hand out candy, but only after 7). We had probably 5-10 groups stop by, including the mother of twins who are Loren's age. In fact, they ended up inviting us to their birthday party today (Sunday). We would have returned the favor, however our party from yesterday was already at capacity for the facility (we'll try and post pictures today or tomorrow).


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JamesF said...

Loren looks precious in the pirate costume.