Friday, January 02, 2009

Stardate 63004.66 - Last and the First

The photo above is the last picture of 2008. We are driving to NJ to drop off our Christmas decorations for storage in Cheryl's parents' attic. Since my ankle was still sore, Cheryl drove us there and I snapped a couple of pictures of Loren while we were in transit.

The photo below is the first picture of 2009. I took Friday, January 2nd off from work (my client site was closed anyway) and did a bunch of organization around the house in anticipation of the new baby's arrival later this month. Below is what one year of important mail looks like (i.e. mail that needs to be kept). Most bills and statements I now get electronically and store across 3 hard drives--I don't print them out. But some stuff still comes as paper, and here is a year's worth, sorted into like piles. It took be about 45 minutes to do the sorting, but it took over an hour to get everything into the file cabinet (mainly because I had to purge some to fit these piles of paper into it).



Cheryl said...

I have a picture of Loren from New Year's Eve morning on my phone. I'll have to put that up as the "real" last picture : )

Trailing Male said...

Ah, paper files. Although we started a purge process before Mexico, we didn't get far. While we were in MX, however, we trashed, shredded, and/or scanned (and shredded/trashed or in rare cases, retained) nearly all of our paper files. Likewise, we've switched to electronic statements and bills wherever possible. In our lives, we can no longer afford to keep all that paper.