Saturday, January 03, 2009

Stardate 63007.54 - Transit Museum

On Saturday we decided to take Loren to the New York Transit Museum to see the trains. Cheryl called up the parent of one of Loren's classmates to see if they wanted to join us, and Susan and Ela were able to meet us there. The museum is inside a former subway station, with tracks full of old subway cars, mock-ups of buses, old maps, and historical displays. Loren liked going inside the old trains, but I think she liked the buses the best.

Here Loren and Ela sit together on a train from early in the 1900s.

And here is my personal favorite, the money train. This is the train they used to go from station to station, collecting the money from the machines and booths. A few years ago they went completely over to the MetroCard and there wasn't as much to collect anymore.

Loren liked driving the buses the best, and judging by the lines so did every other kid at the place.

Loren and Ela shared one turn, with one person driving and one shifting gears.

Here is one of the older maps that were hanging up in the varios subway cars.

Overall, Loren (and Ela) seemed to have a really good time at the museum. We went for pizza afterwards, but the pizza was mediocre and the place was really crowded and Loren had a mini-meltdown at the end (she was pretty tired and worn out).


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