Friday, February 06, 2009

More pictures

Yes, we are still here! After Curt's last post, things went downhill: I turned out to have full-blown strep throat and had to go to the doctor in the snow, with Kate in tow, to get a prescription for antibiotics. Loren got over the stomach virus in 24 hours, but then Curt got it. And by that Thursday, Kate was running a slight fever that kept spiking to about 100.3 -- we went to the doctor for her 2-week checkup on Friday and there was nothing specific wrong, but if it went up to 100.5, we would have had to take her to the hospital for tests. Luckily her temperature went back down Friday night and things have been looking up since then.

This week, Curt has been back to work full time and also doing the day care drop-off and pickup, so he is beat. I've been interviewing babysitters to cover the pickup and help me out a bit in the evenings, and we're hoping to have someone start next week.

Kate is doing great. She is a hearty eater and gaining weight quickly. She is pretty mellow, as long as she is fed as soon as she's hungry and burped when she needs it. Here are a few pictures taken since our last post.

Bobby (Great-Grandma) visited before the illnesses set in:

Loren's class had a big sister party for her. Unfortunately, Curt and I were too sick to attend! I sent a disposable camera and will put up some pictures once we finish up the roll.

Su Ming and Kathy stopped by last weekend.

Kate at home this week.

On Sunday, the weather warmed up into the 40s so we got Loren out to the playground for a bit. Kate and I came out for a few minutes.

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SMY said...

We had a great visit! I hope everyone is over their colds, fevers and vomiting : ). Love the photos!