Saturday, February 07, 2009

Stardate 63103.71 - Collin's Birthday Party

Loren's classmate Collin had his birthday party today at Chuck E. Cheese in Long Island City. It was a bit crowded and chaotic as you can imagine, as there were lots of simultaneous parties going on.

Loren seemed to have a great time. She liked the royal coach in particular, and wanted to ride it a lot. She also liked a bee game where you have to catch balls (painted like bees) in a net and dump them into a honey jar. We also played that one many times.

After about 90 minutes or so, we were both ready to head home. This is the second birthday party I've taken Loren to by myself, and I'm hoping that maybe by the next one Cheryl can go to - even if she can only watch the coats and diaper bag that would be a big help.

Once we got home Cheryl took Kate and Loren to the library while I continued to work on the taxes. It was their second sister outing together, the first being Costco last weekend.

Tomorrow is supposed to be very warm (51!) so we're going to try and get outside for part of the day, and Grandma and Grandpop are also stopping by for a visit in the afternoon.


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SMY said...

Love Loren's red outfit! : )