Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stardate 63302.14 - Alison's Birthday Party

A few weekends ago we traveled upstate to attend Alison's 4th Birthday Party at Gymboree. As the kids get older everyone seems to be moving the venue for birthday parties from people's homes to facilities like Gymboree--a pretty good idea, and one we subscribed to for Loren's 3rd birthday party. They kids get a lot of space to run around in, and best of all we don't have to clean up!

Here Cheryl carries Kate around the play area.

Loren walks across the bridge.

The birthday girl poses in what I called "My First Prison".

Once Kate fell asleep I took over carry duty for a while.

Loren really enjoyed the music portion of the program.

And of course, she enjoyed eating all the icing off of the cupcake.

But the most favorite activity of all was probably the bubble chase at the end of the event.

Afterwards we went back to Denise and Greg's place for Alison, Max, and Loren to play some more and so we could all catch up. It made for a late return home, but we all had a great time.


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