Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stardate 63336.06 - Return to the Beach

Last weekend we had temperatures in the 80s, so on Saturday we took a trip over to Central Park for a picnic and to visit the Zoo. But first, here is a photo of Kate and Loren showing off their matching socks that Nana and Kraker gave them for Easter.

Loren has been watching Sid the Science Kid and wanted to bring a scientist bag with her to the park to look for bugs and to collect leaves and things. Cheryl helped her with her exploring while I tried to keep Kate out of the sun.

After eating our picnic we headed over to Central Park Zoo, and in the Children's Zoo portion the spider web is always a huge hit with Loren.

On Sunday we went to the beach. It is weird to remember how warm it was just one week ago, because as I'm writing this post it is in the 50s and raining today.

After the beach we went to Cheryl's parents' place where Bill entertained us with some Wii games. That company is doing something right in their marketing if they convinced Cheryl's parents to purchase one!



steve said...

Marketing schmarketing! He was ready after a day of playing around with it at our house lol :)

SMY said...

I love that photo of Cheryl's dad with the wii!!